Ikebana: The Japanese art of arranging cut flowers in rhythmic, decorative designs

Think of your arrangements with three heights in mind, tall, medium and short. Tall is reaching for the sky, medium is grounded to the earth, short is low like flowing water. Explore your yard for organic options. An interesting twig or a flower that has turned to seed can both be exquisite choices, paired with one beautiful flower and some low greenery.

In the winter months , holly, spruce or pine branches and a red rose or carnation make a great holiday center piece that your guests can enjoy at the table without struggling to see around it. There’s no wrong way to arrange, just experiment and enjoy.

The flower frog and glass container may build up calcium deposits from hard water over time. Simply remove the entire container from its raku fired porcelain ikebana vase, and soak in white vinegar for several hours. Rinse with water and your frog is ready to hold your next masterpiece. The raku vase only needs an occasional dusting. Do not put it in the dishwasher. It also looks great with a candle instead of the flower frog arrangement! Thank you for choosing one of my hand crafted works of art. Enjoy!