Horse Hair Raku

Beautiful porcelain art pieces are created on the potters wheel, burnished and bisque fired. The pottery is then fired again in an outdoor raku kiln to about 1850*. The pots are removed red hot from the kiln, and placed carefully in an insulated container to cool for a few moments. The artist then deftly applies horse hair to the extremely hot pot. The hair instantly burns into the surface of the pot and creates a unique design. Once cool enough to handle, it is returned to the studio for a hand buffed wax finish.

Naked Raku

Naked raku is a technique which is relatively easy to do, but especially labor intensive and difficult to master. After throwing, burnishing and bisque firing, the pot is coated with a thick layer of slip. It is then placed inside the raku kiln and heated to temperatures nearing 1850*, which cracks the slip. Then the red hot pot is removed from the kiln, and placed in a metal container filled with straw. The carbon from the straw fire penetrates the outer coating of slip and creates the storm effect visible on the pot. Once cool the artist removes the slip to reveal the Naked pot. It is then given a hand buffed wax finish. Each pot is unusual in detail and unique to the whim of the fire.

Copper Matte Raku

The unique finish on this collection is achieved with a raku glaze that contains minimal amount of copper carbonate. The wheel thrown, bisque fired pot is glazed, then placed in an outdoor raku kiln and taken to a temperature of about 1850*. Quickly the artist removes the red hot pot from the kiln and places it in a metal container filled with straw. The hot pot ignites the straw, and the smoke and carbon react with the copper to create an exquisite rainbow of carnival colors. The necks on the bottles are treated with silver nitrate glaze creating an extreme luster effect. When cool enough to handle, the pots are returned to the studio for final hand finishing.